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The font the EJC branding uses is Manrope, this font should be used for all branding and is widely available as a free Google Font.


We make use of the font Manrope. Manrope is a sans-serif font family designed by Mikhail Sharanda. The font features a clean and modern design. Manrope ensures readability across different screen sizes and resolutions, which makes it a perfect font choice for both digital and printed materials.


We are using two weights

  • Semi bold 
  • Extra Bold

The contrast between the two weights adds interest and helps guide the reader's eye through the content.


Headings are used to create a structured overview of the document, which makes it easier to navigate and scan through the document. When you make use of the headings in a document, a table of content can be generated automatically.


In a single document, headings of the same type (e.g. all H1 headings) should always be the same size and weight.

Heading 1

Font-weight: Semi-bold

Heading 1 is the largest heading and is used mostly for indicating the main subject of a document or website. It should be used sparingly.

Heading 2

Font-weight: Semi-bold

Heading 2 is used for creating sections or chapters within a document or website. It should be used for the main headings. It is the second largest heading.

Heading 3

Font-weight: Semi-bold

Heading 3 is used to further organise the content that is under the first two larger headings. This is used for subsections within a document or website.

Heading 4 through 6

Use these to further structure your document or website where necessary. With heading 4 being more important than headings 5 and 6.

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