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The EJC logo

Guidelines on using the logo correctly

The European Journalism Centre logo reflects the history of our organisation and the diversity of the work we do.

Logo font

We make use of the font Manrope. Manrope is a sans-serif font family designed by Mikhail Sharanda. The font features a clean and modern design. Manrope ensures readability across different screen sizes and resolutions, making it a perfect font choice for digital and printed materials.

The symbol

The symbol of the EJC communicates simplicity and sophistication, it is recognisable and easy to remember true to its clean lines, simple shapes, and its limited colour palette. The logo can be used on all communication platforms and materials.

Logo use

The preferred use of the logo is the full-colour version with the stacked black typography (see Master Logo).

Master logo

  • EJC Logo Design
    Master logo

    It's preferred to use the Centre's logo in colour with the black typography

  • EJC logo stacked white
    Master logo

    White type - use for dark backgrounds

Master logo variations

  • Logo EJC Stacked Black White bg
    Black and white

    Stacked, white type for dark backgrounds

  • EJC logo bw stacked
    Black and white

    Stacked, black type for bright backgrounds


  • EJC logo horizontal

    Horizontal, black type for bright backgrounds

  • EJC logo bw horizontal white

    Horizontal, white type for dark backgrounds

  • EJC logo bw1 horizontal
    Black and white

    Horizontal, black type for bright backgrounds

  • EJC logo bw1 horizontal white
    Black and white

    Horizontal, white type for dark backgrounds

Logo Misuses


  • change the logo's orientation  
  • add effects to the logo 
  • change the logo colours
  • Scale the logo disproportionately   
  • use the logo as a repeated pattern
  • no elements of the logo artwork may be recreated, deleted, cropped, replaced, or reconfigured.
What not to do
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