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News Impact

The 2019 News Impact programme is an ​ecosystem for innovative ideas that change journalism methods, formats and practices across Europe.

The News Impact initiative offers free-of-charge media innovation events. The programme is organised by the European Journalism Centre and powered by the Google News Initiative. We bring together international media experts and local news communities to focus on new technology, tools and methods that can improve the way journalists work in the newsroom.

Our News Impact Summits connect editors, newsroom managers, journalists, designers, developers and J-school students with new ideas, tools and methods. Each summit provides a full day immersion into a specific topic through presentations, ignite talks, fireside chats, hands-on workshops, and other collaborative sessions. These events are free-of-charge, organised across Europe, and provide an opportunity to meet, network, learn and get inspired by other media professionals, startups, academics, as well as experts from other industries. Since 2014, we've organised 26 summits in 19 cities across 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

The News Impact Academy kicked off in 2017 to connect, support and train digital innovators from European newsrooms. Each edition offers 20 selected participants the opportunity to unleash their creativity during a two-day training. They learn new ways to face some of the most pressing challenges in the journalism industry. The goal is to provide journalists and other media professionals with the necessary leadership skills by connecting them with each other and giving them tools to scale their ideas. Successful candidates can attend free of charge.

The 2018 News Impact Network was a peer-to-peer mentoring programme that brought together diverse digital innovators in teams centred around specific topics and shared challenges. The programme provided meaningful connections, leadership skills, inspiring ideas from outside the journalism industry and other tools to navigate the changing media landscape. The members of the network combined their ideas in a cookbook, check it out here. This programme is no longer running.

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Journalism Funders Forum

A European community of philanthropists, donors, journalists and media executives with the goal to create transparent, ethical and sustainable ways to fund journalism.

Journalism Funders Forum is a new European community that is changing how philanthropists and journalists engage with one another. Through engaging case studies, unseen research and open discussion, our network and events explore key editorial, ethical, financial and technological questions with world-class experts. We aim to build trust and provide a blueprint for future collaboration.

The events bring stakeholders from both sides together, point them towards cooperation opportunities, build a foundation of trust between them, and help develop appropriate ethical guidelines that respect journalism’s integrity and independence, while enabling philanthropies to support their respective causes. The events are often underpinned by a stock-taking study that analyses existing funding partnerships in Europe as well as the lessons learned so far.

The events have been organised by the European Journalism Centre, with the kind co-operation of around 50 organisations and individuals, and the financial support of Democracy & Media Foundation, Adessium Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Freelance Journalism Assembly

The Assembly is a programme designed to empower and connect freelance journalists in Europe.

The number of freelance journalists across Europe has been growing over the past years. More and more professionals are going freelance - partly of their own choice, partly due to the newsrooms’ reorganisation processes. This transition creates increasing professional and personal challenges for freelancers, mostly related to economic sustainability, the need to work in an international environment, and the capacity for building new connections.

Freelance journalists need a support network more than ever. This is why the Assembly was created, to provide the space and the support the community needs.

At the Assembly, freelance journalists will acquire skills and build connections to face their professional and personal challenges through online training sessions and mentorship, networking opportunities and a major face-to-face event to be held in 2021.

The goal of the Assembly is to serve as a meeting point where freelancers will gather and work together to strengthen the resilience of the freelance journalism community in Europe.

In 2020 the programme covers the following topics essential to freelance journalists: personal branding & audience engagement, personal finances & entrepreneurial skills, well-being & safety, and pitching & negotiation.

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