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The branding uses five main colours that are used throughout all the branding.

To use the EJC colours it is important to maintain balance and harmony. Avoid using too many colours because it might overshadow the content. Focus on creating a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

The colours do not represent subjects, themes or specific programmes and should always be randomly used, with a evenly spread balance.

Depending on size of the visual that needs to be created we choose the amount of colours we use, generally speaking one page consists out of one colour to avoid it becoming too cluttered.

  • EJC Red FF3 D19


    R 255 G 61 B 25

  • EJC Green 14 D675


    R 20 G 214 B 117

  • EJC Blue 2649 FF


    R 38 G 73 B 255

  • EJC Yellow FFED33


    R 255 G 237 B 51

  • EJC Pink FF8 CED


    R 255 G 140 B 237

  • EJC black 222428


    R 34 G 36 B 40

  • EJC Gray Light
    light grey


    R 243 G 244 B 245

  • EJC gray dark C3 C8 CD
    dark grey


    R 195 G 200 B 205

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