Our goal is that every journalist and news organisation benefits from a European Journalism Centre programme

Since 1992, the European Journalism Centre has been building a sustainable, ethical and innovative future for journalism through grants, events, training and media development. We are an international non-profit, headquartered in The Netherlands, that connects journalists with new ideas, skills and people.
Our 2018 strategy

Our societies need journalism. However, media freedom and public trust in journalism are at an all-time low in Europe. The challenge this presents is compounded by fundamentally broken revenue models, complicated relationships with dominant technology platforms, and less opportunities for journalists at all levels to learn, grow and share lessons as professionals.

In 2018, we’ll be focusing on the following thematic approaches to support journalism through grants, events, training and media development.

  1. Trust in journalism. We believe that journalism that builds trust with its audience has more chance of success. We will support news organisations and journalists to develop skills, products and processes that achieve this.
  2. Entrepreneurship. Innovation happening in start-ups, newsrooms and other industries is siloed. Through leadership and innovation training, we will support the people pioneering new ideas in journalism.
  3. Data. Data is transforming every aspect of the newsroom: newsgathering, storytelling, distribution and audience understanding. We will help journalists understand and capitalise on these changes.
  4. Philanthropy. Philanthropic funding in Europe has the potential to be a vital source of revenue for media. We will connect stakeholders and catalyse new funding relationships.
  5. Press freedom. None of the above can happen without an enabling media environment. We will implement and connect press freedom initiatives globally.
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