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We support, strengthen and develop journalism in Europe

Our aim is that every journalist and news organisation benefits from an EJC programme or initiative.

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) foundation is an independent Dutch non-profit based in the city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Our purpose is to support, strengthen and develop journalism and media in the council of Europe.
We are a Centre for communities, knowledge and collaboration with partners and funders and we believe that
reimagining journalism is key.

In our vision, the essence of journalism is to provide people with reliable, trustworthy and verified information so they can make the best possible decisions about their lives, communities, governments, and societies. Journalism plays a key role in defending freedom of expression, making governments and societies function better and enabling  strong democracies. We need to stand for and defend press freedom and the free flow of information in a time when evidence-based reporting is under pressure.

Our mission is to strengthen the resilience of European journalism and progressive media by connecting journalists and media to new ideas, nurturing communities, making available a wide range of unique experiences, providing grants and skills development, and producing resources and training affordable or for free. Our aim is that every journalist and news organisation shall benefit from an EJC programme or initiative.

EJC embraces innovation and positive changes within the industry and is optimistic about the many exciting developments taking place across the media landscape in regards to new business models, new formats and technology.  We aspire to be an essential resource and provide future insights so it can help journalism and media to innovate and flourish. We believe that reimagining journalism is key.

We connect and inspire people and communities through experiences, events and channels. We financially support and fund storytelling and innovation through grants and fellowships and we improve skills through training & resources. We actively engage and communicate about programmes, results (successes as well as failures) and outputs and the best practices in journalism and our work.

Our values: Collaborative yet Independent , innovative and inclusive.


30 years of EJC

Since 1992, the European Journalism Centre has empowered thousands of journalists to reinvent their careers, their journalism, and their newsrooms.  

This year, the Centre trained over 2,250 journalists. Our Fellowship programme gave career experience to 40 young people from diverse backgrounds, many of whom now have jobs in the industry. 1.700 freelancers signed up for our Freelance Journalism Assembly to form a powerful pan-European network. Our journalism grants supported stories that changed laws, exposed corruption and informed communities about the COVID-19 crisis.

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  • "The EJC has been a truly transformative force for my work - through international networks with like-minded peers and memorable conferences, and as a helpful firewall enabling innovative funding initiatives."

  • "I can’t overstate how important the connections provided by EJC projects have been, yielding job roles, collaborations and opportunities for personal development."

  • "As someone who has always felt on the outside in this industry of insiders, what the EJC has given me that I prize above all else is access and community."

  • "The commitment of the EJC to bring front-and-centre innovative ideas and change-makers is unparalleled in Europe and has been, for me, a constant source of personal and professional growth."

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