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Verification Handbook 2: For investigative reporting


Verification Handbook 2: For investigative reporting

Based on the conclusions of the first book, this second edition of the Verification Handbook sheds light on the use of open data and open source information to produce critical journalistic investigations. As new challenges have emerged in the digital sphere, wider opportunities to carry out more comprehensive investigations have arisen as well. The authors of the book take the reader on a walk-through to hone their online investigation tactics, providing them with step-by-step guidance to apply research, fact-checking, and data journalism techniques.

In this handbook you will learn

  • How to identify and assess the credibility of sources: This section covers the basics of source evaluation, including how to check for bias, conflicts of interest, and credibility.
  • How to use open source information to corroborate stories: This section discusses the different types of open source information that journalists can use to verify stories, such as social media posts, satellite imagery, and government records.
  • How to spot and debunk disinformation: This section provides guidance on how to identify and debunk false or misleading information, including deepfakes and social media bots.
  • How to investigate social media accounts and content: This section teaches journalists how to use social media to gather information and identify potential sources.
  • How to protect yourself from online threats: This section provides tips on how to protect yourself from online harassment, doxing, and other threats.

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