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Community rules

Our EJC community rules

Our Freelance Community, Rules! 🤘

The Freelance Journalism Assembly is a highly collaborative and participatory programme that aims to strengthen the resilience of the European freelance community. Given the nature of the programme, we are committed to providing a welcoming and harassment-free environment for all the participants without exceptions. This code of conduct seeks to build a safe and respectful community space. In that sense, members agree to:

Embrace respect

  • Be considerate in speech and actions, and actively seek to acknowledge and respect the boundaries of fellow members.
  • Harassment and other inadequate behaviour are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible.
  • As a member, give everyone a chance to contribute and encourage others to do so.
  • During all the activities and sessions, everyone is free to express their opinions and concerns. Everyone should contribute to creating an inclusive and non-judgemental environment.

Collaborate and participate in the community building experience

  • Collaboration and community building are at the centre of the Freelance Journalism Assembly. To have a successful event, we expect you to participate fully to make the most out of the experience.
  • This hands-on experience is an open 'lab' where the participants can propose, experiment and find new ways to collaborate and acquire new skills.
  • Your engagement in the different stages is vital for the fruitful and smooth development of the programme. Be proactive, creative. We want you to be the protagonist of this experience.

    Embrace diversity and be open-minded
  • The Assembly is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.
  • The collaborative essence of the event requires a flexible and open-minded environment where new alternatives and ideas are always welcome.
  • Be open to new concepts and ideas. Keep in mind that each one of the participants brings a different background, experiences and expectations to the program.
  • Be welcoming. We strive to be a community that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. We believe that finding alternatives to overcome the current challenges is possible when diverse skill-sets, experiences and opinions are gathered in the room. Let's embrace the differences and use this day to understand each other, learn and see things from different perspectives. Make sure to have fun too!

Thank you for making this a welcoming and friendly journey for all!

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