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We support a global effort to address misinformation


We support a global effort to address misinformation

Picture of Lars Boering
Lars Boering — Director European Journalism Centre
July 14, 2022

The European Journalism Centre joins the Content Authenticity Initiative

From altered still photos to deep-fake videos and other forms of manipulated content — there are countless examples of how the information space has become a battlefield of mis- and disinformation. In order to ensure their work’s accuracy and their audiences’ trust, journalists and media houses need to address the issue, and quickly.

Accurate and verified information are key for journalism, and the communities that they serve, to flourish. But while detecting and fact-checking manipulated content are crucial processes, in the reality of a newsroom it can often be an arm’s race to stay ahead of the latest software developments and ever-evolving threats.

We believe that this issue can only truly be addressed if we work together. An open, cross-industry approach to media transparency is needed to help media organisations effectively combat disinformation.

Working with, and for, journalists for the past 30 years, we at the European Journalism Centre know how hard it can be to navigate the ever-evolving pressures of misinformation in the midst of financial, time and technological constraints, especially on a large scale.

That is why we are joining the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI).

Announced by Adobe in 2019 in partnership with Twitter and the New York Times, it is now a group of more than 700 creators, among them media organisations like AFP, BBC, dpa, Reuters, The Washington Post, Schibsted, Getty Images, VII agency and other technologists, journalists, activists, and leaders who seek to address misinformation and content authenticity at scale.

We invite media houses across Europe to do the same and to join the Content Authenticity Initiative. By doing so, you will be joining a growing network of reputable organisations and benefit from sharing experiences, expertise and technological innovations.

You can join by following these steps:

Step 1: Get in touch with me.
Step 2: Let us set up a meeting with the EJC and CAI to learn more and ask all your questions.
Or, quicker: Directly sign up your organisation via the Initiative’s form (membership is free, and all software is open-source).

Your organisation will not only find resources to address the problem, but be part of the solution. Instead of trying to combat this global issue alone, we invite your media organisation to join this cross-industry initiative and work on finding sustainable and systemic solutions together.


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