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News Impact Summit: Local news & community engagement
Oct 2018
15 October 2018

News Impact Summit: Local news & community engagement

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15 October 2018

15 October, 10:00 - 17:00


Cardiff City Hall (Map)

Practical Details

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09:00 -- 10:00
Welcome Remarks & Intro to the Programme
10:00 -- 10:15


By Adam Thomas, Matt Cooke
Opening Talk -- Why Do We Need New Models for News?
10:15 -- 10:30

Trust in news is changing. Business models are in flux. There is more digitised information than ever before.And far more ways to access information and news. This is our industry to protect. Ours to find a future for. In this session, Megan Lucero discusses why we need new models for news.


By Megan Lucero
Conversation -- The Digital Transition of Local News
10:30 -- 11:20

This panel explores how local news organisations are responding to the movement to a digital-, mobile-, and platform-focused media landscape. Spurred by the findings of a Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report on the challenges and opportunities facing local news organisations in four countries (the U.K., Finland, France, and Germany), this conversation will examine how UK organisations are adapting their production, editorial, and commercial practices in the digital environment.

Session designed in collaboration with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Explore the report: The Digital Transition of Local News


By Ian Carter, MaryAnn Astle
Coffee Break & Networking
11:20 -- 11:50
Lightning Talks -- Innovation in Local News from Across Europe
11:50 -- 12:10

Across Europe, innovation in local media has been flourishing in recent years. In this session, we will hear two case-studies from a Flemish public broadcaster and an Italian publishing house that have been experimenting with new ways to distribute local news and engage with their communities.

The two speakers have attended our News Impact Academy on Community Engagement earlier this year in Paris.


By Camille Pollie, Marianna Bruschi
Breakout Session (1) -- Digital Newsgathering Tools
12:10 -- 13:00

This session will equip you with practical research tips with examples from across Europe. We’ll highlight the basic tools to help you verify social media content across Google. We'll point to data journalism tools that can help you research and visualise your ideas, including a deep dive on how Google Trends can compliment your storytelling.


By Matt Cooke
Breakout Session (2) -- Focus on Hyperlocal: the Welsh Way
12:10 -- 13:00

In this session Dr Rachel Howells will share the rise, fall and afterlife of the Port Talbot Magnet and Richard Gurner will cover the Caerphilly Observer in print - from web to web offset. The session will be followed by a Q&A with both.

Session designed in collaboration with the Independent Community News Network (ICNN) at Cardiff University. More speakers to be announced soon.


By Emma Meese, Richard Gurner
Networking Lunch
13:00 -- 14:00
Keynote -- Creating a Brave Space for Civic Engagement
14:00 -- 14:40

Chicago-based journalism lab City Bureau goes beyond humanising narratives to disrupt information systems. Hear from Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement Andrea Hart on how this approach can translate across news organisations.


By Andrea Faye Hart
Lightning Talks Introducing the Breakout Conversations
14:40 -- 15:00

Choose your own adventure and take part in the conversation. The four lightning talks will introduce the topics that will be discussed in the sessions taking place in parallel after the break. Scroll down to the breakout conversations for more details.


By Adam Cantwell-Corn, Rachel Hamada
Coffee Break & Networking
15:00 -- 15:30
Breakout Conversation (1) -- Membership-led Media: What Does 'Meaningful Relationship' Actually Mean and Look Like?
15:30 -- 16:30

It’s a buzzword in new thinking about journalism, but it’s not without ambiguities. In this session we'll aim to explore the opportunities and challenges of defining, unlocking and building on community engagement with journalism.

Session designed in collaboration with The Bristol Cable.


By Lucas Batt, Cait Crosse
Breakout Conversation (2) -- Innovative Ways to Get Involved with News Coverage
15:30 -- 16:30

In this session we will talk about News Clubs: fortnightly discussion event that combine a panel of journalists/writers with an audience of local people to dissect the week’s stories and the media dynamics behind them. Kat and Charlotte have established News Clubs in Manchester and London respectively and will discuss their motivations of wanting to break through social media siloes, boost skills in debate and media literacy and open up local communities to the world of independent journalism.

Session designed in collaboration with Organising the Organisers and News Clubs at The Media Fund.


By Charlotte Knowles, Kat Wright
Breakout Conversation (3) -- Learning to Listen: Turning Everyday Life into Compelling Stories
15:30 -- 16:30

News that's limited to the most extraordinary events and the most powerful people can feel a million miles away from the everyday life of our communities. And yet every day, there are tales of remarkable people, powerful bonds, fascinating heritage, rapid transformations, common problems, and unique situations. But how good are journalists at listening to these stories? In what way do they challenge the way we think about news, and how it's reported? And what can they tell us about the things that really shape our society?

Session designed in collaboration with WalesOnline and Behind Local News.


By Paul Rowland, Alison Gow
Breakout Conversation (4) -- What Are We Really Trying to Achieve Through Community-Driven Journalism?
15:30 -- 16:30

Community engagement is great but how can we ensure that it's actually achieving something long-term (both internally for an organisation and for wider society), and be more than a tick-box exercise? What do we really need to change and how do we effectively measure progress towards achieving our long-term objectives and creating impact? This breakout session will go beyond discussion, and participants will take part in some practical exercises to help them create impact for their own organisation and community.

Session designed in collaboration with the Engaged Journalism Accelerator.


By Molly de Aguiar, Kathryn Geels
Wrap-Up -- Reporting Back from the Breakout Conversations and Pulling the Strings
16:30 -- 17:00

In this session we will first hear the key takeaways from the four breakout conversations. We will then wrap up the programme reflecting on how all the challenges we have explored throughout the day are intertwined and how the future of local news will be shaped by the new models we will be able to ideate and put into practice.


By Cait Crosse, Charlotte Knowles
End of the Programme & Networking Cocktail
17:00 -- 18:00


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