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News Impact Summit: Journalism reloaded
Dec 2018
3 December 2018

News Impact Summit: Journalism reloaded

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03 December 2018
Practical Details

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Registrations & Good Morning Coffee
09:00 -- 09:45
Welcome Remarks & Intro to the Programme
09:45 -- 10:00


By Adam Thomas, Isabelle Sonnenfeld
Notes on Mentorship and the Power of the Community
10:00 -- 10:30

Change starts with people. This is something too often overlooked in a newsroom transformation process. Reloading journalism must happen with a new commitment to improve the working conditions of the people who make up our newsrooms. Change also starts with listening to our readers. In this talk and conversation, we will discuss the role of empathy in the workplace and why embracing the community can help drive innovation.


By Teresa Bücker, Isabelle Sonnenfeld
A Bird’s-Eye View on Change and Leadership Challenges across the Industry
10:30 -- 11:00

Leading an organisation through a constantly changing media environment is no easy feat. But it’s also the new reality that many newsroom managers have to grapple with on a daily basis. In this conversation, Anita and Blathnaid will share insights from their own experience and talk about their approach to innovation, team management, hiring processes and much more.


By Anita Zielina, Blathnaid Healy
Coffee Break & Networking
11:00 -- 11:30
Brave New Work: Insights from Google
11:30 -- 12:00

Work consumes at least one-third of our lives, and half of our waking hours. It can and ought to be more than a means to an end. We know from research that there are a few important aspects that will improve the work life of people. Some of these aspects are connected to understanding the impact of our work, feeling empowered and having a high degree of flexibility. Addressing these needs is a promising path in securing the best talent and allowing them to learn and grow over the long term.


By Alexandra Großkurth
How We Got 36.000 People to Meet with a Stranger and Talk about Politics – for Hours
12:00 -- 12:10

My Country Talks is an international project initiated by ZEIT ONLINE that facilitates one-on-one discussions between people who live close together but hold different political opinions – a political Tinder, if you like, to overcome polarisation in society. Sebastian will tell us how the platform was used in Germany, Switzerland and Austria this year and what are the next steps.


By Sebastian Horn
Innovation Needs a Network to Thrive
12:10 -- 13:00

“A support scheme for future media leaders and catalyst for innovative ideas.” This is how the News Impact Network was introduced earlier this year. In this panel, four members of this new programme will share some of the things they have learned from each other and from the experts they met along the way, around leadership, newsroom transformation, and community engagement.


By Esther Alonso, Kustaw Bessems
Networking Lunch
13:00 -- 14:00
The News Impact Network Takeover
14:00 -- 15:15

One hour of conversations, networking activities and lightning talks managed by the members of the News Impact Network. In each of the three breakout sessions, you will hear and discuss the recipes for success that the Network members have put together as a result of this year of collaboration: from building cross-functional teams to embracing a user-centred approach, from building a meaningful relationship with your members to the importance of giving your team a break. Pick your topic, enjoy the dining experience and take part in the conversation.

Coffee Break & Networking
15:15 -- 15:45
The Potential of Collaboration to Accelerate News Product
15:45 -- 15:55

You want to build the best news products for your audience, but resources are stretched and you are being pulled in every direction. You want to be bold and innovative but simply cannot afford to make mistakes. This is the case for creating a community of product people for journalism, where knowledge sharing and collaboration helps us take action and accelerate progress.


By Jassim Ahmad
Bridge Roles Are Here to Stay. Here’s Why Your Newsroom Needs Them
15:55 -- 16:30

Global Head of Multimedia, Director of Digital Innovation, Head of Digital Delivery: Jane’s, Niddal’s, and Robin’s job titles embody a trend that has led newsrooms to create completely new roles in recent years to bridge the gap across skill-sets and departments. In this conversation, they will tell us more about their bridge roles and how their companies are benefiting from them.


By Jane Barrett, Robin Kwong
Starting Again and Building a Company Based on Trust
16:30 -- 17:00

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Starting from this simple but powerful question, Áine will wrap up the day by helping us reflect on how journalism can reload itself around trust, purpose, and a commitment to experimentation and entrepreneurship.


By Áine Kerr
End of the Programme & Networking Cocktail
17:00 -- 18:00


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