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What’s new in climate, politics and local reporting? Join our free News Impact events and find out


What’s new in climate, politics and local reporting? Join our free News Impact events and find out

Picture of Vera Penêda
Vera Penêda — Director Programmes & impact
May 09, 2019

The European Journalism Centre and the Google News Initiative are proud to announce six new editions of the News Impact Summits and Academy.

2019 marks the fifth year of News Impact, our event series developed to train and engage journalists from across Europe on innovation, improve journalistic coverage and help solve some of the most pressing issues in the news industry. Our goal is to help journalists overcome the economic, technological and political challenges that threaten their work and contribute to building more resilient journalism.

This year, we will be exploring how innovations in journalistic methods, tools and technology have catalysed new ways to cover climate change, politics and issues of identity and inclusion. How are mapping and data analysis changing the way we tell stories about the environment and politics? Why are media organisations developing technology to track political polling and audience behaviour? Diversifying revenue streams, newsroom leadership and figuring out key analytics will also be tackled in hands-on ways.

Registration to the News Impact Academy and Summits for 2019 is now open:

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Here is the calendar of our News Impact Summits and Academy editions for 2019:

What is the difference between a Summit and the Academy?

News Impact Summits

Cost: free

Registration: first come first served

Attendees: 200–300

Format: one day conference

Audience: media professionals, ranging from newsroom editors and designers to freelancers, interested in innovative ways of doing journalism

News Impact Academy

Cost: free

Application: 20 media professionals selected by the EJC

Attendees: 20–30

Format: two-day training

Audience: experienced professionals dealing with rapid changes in their newsrooms and young journalists exploring innovative ways to change the landscape of media organisations and daily reporting

Join us at one of the following events

News Impact Academy, Lisbon, 9–10 July

Topic: Diversify Your Revenue Streams

This Academy is for news organisations that want to become financially resilient. As news organisations encourage people to pay for the journalism they consume, which models will foster loyalty with our audiences? What content should be free and what content should be paywalled? What type of exclusive content would my subscribers value and pay for? How do I retain my subscribers? We will find answers to support business developers, founders and directors of news organisations developing strategies to monetise journalism.

News Impact Academy, Copenhagen, 26–27 September

Topic: Newsroom Leadership

This year we will offer an executive training workshop for newsroom managers and senior editors who want to learn how to better manage their teams and welcome innovation into their newsrooms. This Academy is for you if you seek more knowledge on project management, on implementing strategies to drive an innovative team or to find out how to manage change in your newsroom.

News Impact Summit, Birmingham, October 7

Topic: A New Era for Climate Change Reporting

In this summit, we will showcase innovative ways of changing the way we tell stories about the climate. We will look at journalistic projects that use mapping and open source intelligence to link climate and data analysis. How can news organisations produce immersive storytelling that helps the audience understand and appreciate the urgency and complexity of climate change?

News Impact Academy, Bucharest, October 21–22

Topic: What Analytics Matter in 2019?

Whether a media organisation fully understands where it needs to go, or whether it is still finding its way, having rapid access to the right analytics is of huge benefit. But if real-time analytics like page clicks and time spent on the page are no longer enough to understand our audiences, then we need to get smarter about what to measure. Analysing browsing habits, designing new storytelling formats based on user behaviour, and learning to communicate with data across your news organisation will be takeaways from this Academy.

News Impact Summit, Lyon, November 15

Topic: Covering Politics in the Misinformation Age

How can journalists provide reliable information in a sea of information, misinformation and data? During this summit, experts will tell us how to make the most of digital tools to cover elections, by sharing experiences that range from creating new apps to deliver election results in real time to smartphones, to experimenting with platforms that flag and debunk misinformation during elections.

News Impact Summit, Munich, December 6

Topic: Identity and Inclusion: Local News With Diverse Voices

As research shows, news consumption is increasingly focused on national media. Local news organisations will continue to fight for new ways to survive and connect with audiences in 2019. There are innovative projects at the local level that are not only thriving but have become champions for diversity and inclusion in journalism. At this Summit, we will present local initiatives that are reaching underserved communities by innovating with social media. Some are building platforms to fight misinformation. Others are investing in diverse teams and new storytelling formats to talk about, and challenge, stereotypes of poverty, discrimination and gender.

Since 2014, the EJC has organised 26 summits in 19 cities across 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East, powered by the Google News Initiative.

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