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Meet our 3 new ambassadors from France, Germany and the UK


Meet our 3 new ambassadors from France, Germany and the UK

Picture of Juliette Gerbais
Juliette Gerbais — Project Manager
May 23, 2024

We are excited to introduce three new ambassadors joining our Solutions Journalism Accelerator.

They will play a key role in fostering collaboration, promoting knowledge exchange, and exploring the use of solutions-focused reporting across Europe.

Discover more about their projects below:

3 questions with Tina Lee

Emilie Brouze works as a journalist for the French news magazine Le Nouvel Obs.

She is covering environmental and climate issues and is now one of our French ambassadors. Together with her newsroom, she will work on a series of reports exploring climate change mitigation: what solutions to capture and stock carbon? She will also talk about solutions journalism during the “weekend des possibles” on the 25th and 26th of May, in Paris. 

Accelerator blog post Marvin and Jack

As an ambassador of solutions journalism, and together with their team from shz, the two Miriam will organise a climate conference.  With the topic "This is how we protect our country from storm surges", the conference will be held for and with their readers. 

Experts will work with readers to develop concrete suggestions in panel discussions and workshops and the results, topics and proposed solutions will be recorded in a playbook. 

Download our latest free Solutions Journalism guides below:

Solutions Journalism: 11 tough questions on how to do solutions journalism​

Solutions Journalism: an introduction for journalists and newsrooms


And last but not least, our most recent ambassador is Carla Rosch. She is a journalist from Costa Rica, of Swiss and Cuban origin, living in London. In 2022, she was awarded a LEDE Fellowship from the Solutions Journalism Network, which has influenced the way she approaches journalism. She currently works within the BBC News World Service visual journalism team, while also continuing freelancing.

For her role as an ambassador, Carla will create a set of podcast episodes aimed at students, journalists or anyone who is interested in learning more about how solutions journalism pieces are carried out, particularly how they cover the four SoJo pillars. The aim is to help make SoJo feel less theoretical and more ‘real’ for listeners. Each episode will focus on one concrete piece of SoJo, and have a deep conversation with the journalist behind it, to ask questions about how the story was reported using a SoJo framework. She will also aim to organise an in-person event with journalism students to introduce them to the basics of SoJo, carry out activities to help them understand the concepts better and to promote the podcast episodes.

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