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The official programme and speaker lineup for the News Impact Summit on Elevating Climate Journalism


The official programme and speaker lineup for the News Impact Summit on Elevating Climate Journalism

Picture of Kiril Stoimenov
Kiril Stoimenov — Marketing and Communications Manager
July 24, 2023

Shaping the future of climate journalism: Join us in Lisbon for the News Impact Summit

The European Journalism Centre is proud to present its programme and lineup of speakers for the 2023 News Impact Summit on Elevating Climate Journalism in Lisbon.

Get ready for an exciting day with visionaries, climate experts, and storytellers, all under one roof. Be prepared to get inspired as we dig into the transformative power of climate journalism.

Pioneering Insights from Space and Beyond:

Antarctic sunset from Sentinel 3 B

The European Space Agency (ESA) takes the central place in a captivating plenary session, revealing the pivotal role of space-based observations in decoding extreme weather events. From twin heatwaves 'Cerberus' and 'Charon' to the far-reaching implications on agriculture and public health, ESA's cutting-edge satellite imagery leaves no stone unturned in unravelling climate mysteries.

From Anxiety to Action: Solutions-Driven Journalism:

Join our panel discussion, moderated by Fara Warner from the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN), as we explore the transformative role of solutions-driven reporting. Gain valuable insights from Bonn Institute, Earthrise Studio, and Deutsche Welle, harnessing the power of storytelling to encourage action in the face of climate challenges.

Unleash your curiosity and dive into the realms of "Reporting on the Frontlines" or "Pioneers in Climate Storytelling". Click here to explore the entire programme!

Environmental Heroes: Laurent will present the session on protecting environmental journalists and activists

Laurent Richard
The founder of Forbidden Stories

Laurent Richard is a respected journalist and executive producer of investigative documentaries. He founded Forbidden Stories, a nonprofit organisation, to continue the work of murdered journalists. His investigations have exposed the tobacco industry, financial abuses, and human rights violations worldwide. Notably, the "Daphne Project" and "Pegasus Project" gained international acclaim. Laurent's dedication to protecting journalists led to the creation of the Safebox Network. He is an innovative social entrepreneur and was elected as a Fellow by Ashoka. His impactful work has earned him prestigious awards and recognition as "European Journalist of the Year" in 2018.

To access more information about the speakers and explore the complete lineup, click here.

Also, don’t miss this celebration of excellence: Climate Journalism Award Ceremony. We honour unique reporting with an award ceremony, recognising data-driven brilliance, visionary storytelling, impactful visualisations, groundbreaking investigations, and arising talents. Join us in applauding the commitment of journalists and newsrooms in shaping a sustainable future.

Date: 12 October

Venue: Studio at Time Out Market, Lisbon

Be a part of the climate journalism revolution - together, let's elevate our voices, elevate our impact, and elevate our planet!

With the recognition of the European Space Agency.
The European Space Agency received no financial compensation for this Initiative

Main image credit: NASA, ESA, D. Jewitt (UCLA)


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