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7 tips for aspiring photojournalists


7 tips for aspiring photojournalists

Picture of Kiril Stoimenov
Kiril Stoimenov — Marketing and Communications Manager
December 27, 2023

Meet Artūras Morozovas, a distinguished photojournalist from Lithuania.

Over the past decade, he has documented major events at home and abroad, clearing light on sensitive social issues in conflict zones. His impactful works have been published in prestigious media outlets such as The Guardian, The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Paris Match, and Al Jazeera.

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Artūras's passion for photojournalism was torched by his personal experience of witnessing Lithuania's struggle for freedom during the Soviet occupation. Now, he shares his insights on his professional journey, exciting projects, and the challenges he overcame. Aspiring visual journalists can learn valuable lessons from him, including the significance of empathy, respect, and embracing individuality in their work.

Here are 7 tips that can help you overcome beginners' barriers, motivate you and wake your creativity:

1) Follow your passion and dive into personal stories

Find the stories that truly resonate with you and dive deep into them. Don't be swayed by trends or awards; instead, develop your unique style and vision. Remember, journalism needs personalities, and staying true to your passion will set you apart.

2) Embrace empathy and respect as core values

In photojournalism, it's not just about technical skills; empathy, respect, and intelligence are essential qualities. Being able to connect with your subjects on a human level is what will give depth and meaning to your visual storytelling. Always remember that you are documenting real lives and experiences, so approach your subjects with compassion and understanding.

3) Create your professional opportunities

Opportunities can come unexpectedly. Artūras Morozovas stumbled upon his first job as a photojournalist while working as a bartender. Stay open to networking and engaging in conversations with people from different fields. You never know when someone might offer you an exciting opportunity to kickstart your career.

4) Develop a unique style and vision

While it's important to stay updated with industry trends, don't let them overpower your style. Stand out by preserving your unique vision as a visual journalist. Avoid getting lost in imitating others, and let your work reflect your individuality and creativity.

5) Document your journey too

Don't forget to capture your own journey as a photojournalist. Keep a diary, take photos of your daily routine, and record your adventures. These personal moments will become precious memories and a testament to your growth as a professional.

6) Take care of your mental health

The nature of photojournalism can expose you to intense and challenging experiences. To maintain your mental well-being, talk to friends or even consider seeing a therapist. Processing your emotions and thoughts will help you better understand your feelings and cope with the complexities you encounter in your work.

7) Striking the balance: Documenting vs. Helping

As a photojournalist, you may sometimes face moral dilemmas about whether to actively intervene or merely document. Remember that your primary role is to observe and document events, but when the opportunity arises to help someone in need, do so with empathy and compassion.


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