Investigating Epic Privacy Browser: We will not be controlled

14 October 2013


For journalists who are eager to conduct intensive research, investigate, and dig up new information and evidence, the question of security and privacy should be one of utmost importance. It is no secret that classified information can become public very quickly these days. Sometimes this happens so fast that no one even knows it was a secret in the first place.  When it comes to being online, almost nobody is safe from being followed by numerous companies, advertisers, swindlers, and even spies as the variety of techniques used to do this used (cookies, trackers, etc) are endless.

Today, online privacy is becoming more and more important especially in times where booming strategies for online advertising, which transform users into potential target audiences, are everywhere. One of the more unsettling realities about these kinds of strategies is that they tend to use people’s private data for commercial needs without getting permission first. For many journalists, especially those working with confidential information, this makes it even more essential to avoid becoming a target of such strategies as they could threaten one’s privacy and sources.

That’s where Epic Privacy Browser comes in. This tool has the ability to isolate a user from all cookies, trackers and/or other advertising apps that are incorporated into websites so as to enhance one’s privacy and safety. Hidden Reflex, which is a US/India based company, launched Epic Privacy Browser, in order to, “provide as much privacy as possible in a Web browser without ‘breaking the Internet’ or making the browser unusably slow”. In a nutshell, Epic blocks nearly 1000 tracking attempts by over 40 companies during just one hour of Internet browsing.

The founder of Epic Browser Alok Bhardwaj explains that the browser was created to limit different companies' access to private users’ online data that can be gained through searching, cookies, etc. Because of this, the journalist who is using Epic can rely on the fact that his/her privacy will be protected while conducting research, and investigating new topics and materials.

Moreover, this privacy browser is free of charge and is available for Mac OS X as well as for Windows. The creators also point out that a user’s overall Internet speed increases up to 25% due to the blocking of different tracking scripts.

When using Epic Privacy Browser websites will not be able to collect a user’s online activity data, no history will be shown that could be used to investigate one’s preferences and interests, no cookies will be installed, and no passwords will be automatically saved. One’s IP address can also be hidden simply by clicking on the option of ‘surf by proxy’.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how much data a user has searched for, found and used online because Epic Privacy Browser will clear all of it so that nobody can use it for his or her own purposes.

To find out more about the possibilities of Epic Privacy Browser, be sure to check out the website.