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  • 7 February 2012 | {CATEGORY}

    The Data Journalism Handbook: Final call for contributions

    Where can I find data and how can I request access to it? What tools are available to me? How can I find useful stories within datasets? And, most importantly, how can I make a living through the practice of data journalism? Do these questions sound familiar? They should, because these are all questions that any data journalist, who is just getting started, should be asking.
  • 28 July 2010 | {CATEGORY}

    Journalism meets ‘big’ data

    Increasing online open data availability, puts the processing power in journalists' hands; rather than relying on outside specialists such as policy makers to provide the insights, raw data can now be analysed and interpreted in newsrooms. This is the emerging field of data-driven journalism, in which journalists gather, analyse and visualise ‘big' data and combine it with compelling, credible storytelling.
  • 27 May 2010 | {CATEGORY}

    Data driven journalism: Making sense of the data deluge

    As we become overloaded with information, journalistic sense-making of data becomes more necessary. Providing context and analysis is essential for data-driven journalism, which requires journalists to learn and master the skill sets of a statistician, analyst or programmer. But more tools are being developed to help journalists gather, mine and map statistics. MACOSPOL is one such tool.