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  • 29 October 2008 | {CATEGORY}

    Postcard from China: Creative Commons launches in Hong Kong

    Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons, spoke at the University of Hong Kong on the eve of the launch Creative Commons Hong Kong last weekend. The administrative region of China is the 50th jurisdiction worldwide to localise the Creative Commons license.
  • 12 August 2008 | {CATEGORY}

    Actively European:, a profile

    The first in a series of articles we hope will familiarise EJC readers with the various media dedicated to reporting Brussels affairs. How do they try to distinguish themselves from their competitors? What are their respective business models, their target audience and their strategies for reporting and making their subject, the EU, attractive to their readers?
  • 14 July 2008 | {CATEGORY}

    Blogskeptics ponder regulation in Europe

    Cruising the European blogosphere early this July, it was hard to shake the feeling that privacy and freedom of speech are in for tough times. While Nicolas Sarkozy and some British MEPs are pushing surveillance and harsher punishment for copyright violators, a policy proposal tabled in the European Parliament aims to put an end to the anonymity of bloggers.