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  • 21 July 2008 | {CATEGORY}

    Public relations primer

    The Dutch capital is playing host to catwalk models, hot designers, fashionistas, financial backers, industry buffs and posers during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, which is being held until 28 July. Apart from the inevitable flurry of journalists reporting from the event, there is also another group of people, one harder to avoid than a G-string at the underwear shows: PR people. Public relations has become an integral part of the media world and society, and journalists work with the industry all the time.
  • 24 June 2008 | {CATEGORY}

    I’m a stranger here myself

    Given the Netherlands' diminutive size, it is surprising how many of its publications are geared toward expatriates. But there are about one million settlers of varying nationality in the country at any one time, making this a market not to be ignored. The newspapers, magazines and newsletters aimed at foreigners are true niche publications. But some, like Amsterdam Weekly, have suffered recent financial difficulties.
  • 3 June 2008 | {CATEGORY}

    All eyes on Ireland

    As the Irish prepare for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, what information is available to voters, what are journalists doing to educate the public – and does anyone care?