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  • 30 May 2012 | {CATEGORY}

    The uneasy but essential evolution of news

    Technology and social media are shifting the power balance from publishers and broadcasters to consumers. The audience, empowered with tools to choose, create, enrich and share, is the new superuser offering alternative information destinations. What must media organisations do to survive?
  • 13 February 2012 | {CATEGORY}

    How to use quotes in news and features

    The correct use of quotes is an important part of journalism. What are the basic rules for adding quotes to news stories and features?
  • 6 January 2012 | {CATEGORY}

    12 tips for international media trainers

    Those invited to help the media overseas need to ensure that the training they offer is continually refreshed. It takes more time and costs more to produce, but media training must be continually reworked so that it is sensitive to local issues and better addresses local needs. And those delivering international training need to realise that we probably have more to learn than we have to give.
  • 8 December 2011 | {CATEGORY}

    Tips for writing radio news scripts

    Radio journalists need to have an ear for the most newsworthy audio and must be able to write clear and informative scripts introducing the material they have gathered. It's not just about sounds; it's about words, too.