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  • 19 July 2011 | {CATEGORY}

    For Belarusian journalists, a time for solidarity

    Scores of independent journalists have been arrested in a wave of repression that has swept Belarus in recent months, but media workers there say they haven't given up hope.
  • 29 June 2011 | {CATEGORY}

    Journalist gaoled, beaten by Syrian authorities offers advice to others

    Khaled Sid Mohand, an Algerian who lived in Damascus and freelanced for French media, was among the few foreign journalists working in Syria as protests erupted in March. Mohand was arrested in early April, beaten and locked in a gaol cell for 23 days. He describes reporting on Syria from the outside as a Catch-22 situation.
  • 12 May 2011 | {CATEGORY}

    Study says East European media lead the way in gender equality

    Women media professionals from several East European nations are more likely to shatter the glass ceiling than their counterparts in the rest of the world, according to a new study on gender equality in the news business.
  • 3 May 2011 | {CATEGORY}

    Learning lessons from social media’s new-found prominence

    As the recent upheavals in the Arab world demonstrate, social media increasingly are becoming a platform for mobilising support and shaping opinion at speeds so fast that even audacious security services are having trouble keeping pace. So it is no surprise that policymakers elsewhere are moving to harness social media.
  • 8 April 2011 | {CATEGORY}

    For conflict-weary Liberians, Ivorian crisis is ‘front page news’

    Since Côte d'Ivoire began to unravel following a disputed election in November, Liberians have been gripped by their neighbour's conflict. With Liberia itself still recovering from a grizzly civil war, its news media have pursued the story as their nation became increasingly involved as the main destination for Ivorian refugees.