“We know already that we’re a strange country”


Although their nations are not part of the European Union, journalists from Switzerland and Lichtenstein have no problem speaking to most of their EU counterparts in Brussels, as evidenced by their lunch banter – in French, German, Italian and English - at the Residence Palace on 22 January.

The EJC hosted the group of about 15 journalists in cooperation with the Directorate General of External Relations. The three-day visit to Brussels was to provide an introduction to EU institutions, with a special focus on EU relations with their own countries.

Halfway through their jam-packed programme of sightseeing and briefings, the journalists stopped to chat about journalism at home, the challenges of covering EU politics for Swiss and Lichtensteiner audiences, and even shared thoughts on alternative career paths (mountain guides, motherhood and football) for this EJC video.

EJC producer Bernd Kapeller edited this video, as well as this one about visiting American journalists.