Editorial cartoons come of (digital) age


The graphic genius of political cartoons is enjoying a new global audience thanks to soon-to-be-launched website Cartoon Movement. Scheduled to go live on 15 December, the site is a collaborative publishing platform dedicated to high quality political cartoons and comic journalism.

According to Cartoon Movement founder Dutch editorial cartoonist Tjeerd Royaards, it is prudent to assume that the future of cartooning is online.

“We hope to foster an environment of mutual promotion, revenue, and fair use for the work of political cartoonists. The platform is an attempt to discover new, innovative revenue models which will ensure that editorial cartooning can be financially sustainable in the digital age”.

Behind the project is The Video Journalism Movement (VJ Movement), an organisation which aims to promote video journalism and press freedom.

Any editorial cartoonist will be able to apply to join Cartoon Movement free of charge, and contributions will be paid once accepted for publication. Revenue will come from commercial republication of the platform’s material, although anyone will be able to use the cartoons for non-commercial purposes.

Editors can pay for publishing/syndication rights of the site’s lovingly curated collection of international political cartoons. In addition, the one-stop global network of editorial cartoonists can be used to meet ‘on-demand’ commissions.