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17 May 2013

A hacker considers one Saudi Arabia telecom’s surveillance pitch

Software engineer Moxie Marlinspike declined a request to create a program that would allow a government to intercept mobile application data

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26 April 2013

Will Japan’s Fallen New Media Playboy Make a Comeback?

Recently released after 19 months in prison, media business pundits wonder what Japan's media maverick Takafumi Horie, popularly known as Horiemon, will do next.

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24 April 2013

Journalists Shrug Off President’s Inaugural Insults

After his inaugural insults, are reporters and editors in the Czech Republic worried President Milos Zeman will be an enemy of free speech?

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1 April 2013

Dutch App Enables Context Curation

A pair of Dutch journalists set out to create an engaging tool for sorting and filtering the masses of information available to the public. A look at what they came up with.

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18 March 2013

Pope Francis, Shine the Light of Transparency on the Holy See

As most of the 5,300 journalists who came to the Vatican to cover the papal conclave leave Rome, the 400 reporters who regularly cover the Holy See hope for a new age of transparency for Europe's last absolute monarchy. Eric J. Lyman

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15 March 2013

After Tsunami, Japanese Media Swept up in Wave of Distrust

Either because of negligence or a lack of good reporting skills, did Japanese journalists fail to properly inform their countrymen during the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster? Media analyst Ginko Kobayashi examines the press


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