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8 February 2013

Don’t Be Fooled: Use the SMELL Test To Separate Fact from Fiction Online

With professional journalism imploding and an exploding infosphere online, on cable, and on air that's bursting with questionable news and information, how can a consumer or citizen become informed without being misled? This new

31 January 2013

RT the Hate: France and Twitter Censorship

In France, a spate of racist and homophobic hashtags has prompted a conversation about free speech and government censorship of virtual channels like Twitter.

29 January 2013

At El País, a Newsroom Turns on Itself

A strange routine started last month in the newsroom of El País newspaper in Madrid. As the heads of sections entered a conference room for their daily 6 p.m. meeting with the editor-in-chief, almost all the publication's other


25 January 2013

Innovation Director Gavin Sheridan on the Future of Digital Newsgathering

The Irish journalist recently spoke with the EJC about his vision for digital-first journalism and what role outfits like Storyful will play in enabling it.

21 January 2013

EU Editors Avoid Russian History With Sceptical Approach to Unpublish Requests

When a convicted criminal asks a newspaper to remove online information about his crime after he has paid a fine or served jail time and is looking for work, how should editors respond? What about a divorcing couple who wants their

14 January 2013

5 Steps to Verifying User-Generated Content

From listening for regional accents to using reverse image lookup, Andy Carvin, one of Twitter's leading journalists, discusses processes for establishing the trustworthiness of user-generated content, with a special emphasis on videos


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