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11 March 2013

The Baltics: Making Sense of the Journalism Next Door

An overview of the similarities - and more often, differences - in the media landscapes of the three Baltic states.

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8 March 2013

No Wonga, No Words

Longtime journalism professor Gareth Harding comments on last week's Nate Thayer vs The Atlantic controversy over freelance pay for journalists. Harding, who is the Brussels Programme Director for the Missouri School of Journalism,

4 March 2013

Six Ways The World Can Learn From Ghana About Press Freedom

The West African nation of Ghana is listed among the top 30 nations on the latest Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index, scoring far above the majority of African countries as well as EU members such as France, Spain and


26 February 2013

Lessons from Ireland: 5 Basic Steps For Analysing Online Activist Campaigns

In Ireland, the abortion debate is happening in the streets, newspaper pages and on social media sites. Just how representative of public opinion is this online portion of the debate? A look at the Irish situation plus steps

19 February 2013

In Norway, a Slow Road Toward Subsidies for Digital Media

In Norway, the discussion about extending newspaper subsidies to digital media has been going on for years. Consensus abounds. But no one can agree on which publications should get public money, and how it should be allocated.

10 February 2013

Is There a Demand for Good News?

If publisher Nancy Steidl has her way, London will soon have a print newspaper dedicated to reporting the day's news with a positive, solution-focused outcome. Already running a website from her living room, Steidl's team is working a


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