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12 February 2014

The media and the story behind development

The United Nations Millennium Goals (MDGs), aimed at reducing poverty and hunger worldwide, are due for revision in 2015. In the process of examining the practical implication

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23 July 2013

How journalism can rid migration of its sour reputation

Migration is often at the centre of the public debate, but how do the media treat this topic? Here is what journalists should consider when writing about migration.

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16 July 2013

A dark day for journalism

Despite journalists and human rights organisations condemning Jordan's decision to block over 200 news websites, the fight for press freedom in the country wages on.

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18 June 2013

Seven reasons Il Fatto Quotidiano has been successful

A look at how a group of Italy's top investigative reporters started their own successful newspaper, one which has hung on for four successful years

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3 June 2013

How to cover a protest in Cairo

Egypt's capitol is now an alluring spot for enterprising freelance journalists. Here are 12 tips for staying safe while reporting from protests in Egypt.

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23 May 2013

Can a citizen’s initiative force the EU to formally protect media pluralism?

The organisers of the EIMP want to collect a million signatures and force the EU to formally protect media pluralism across the continent


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