SoundNote: Note-taking made easy

18 November 2013


SoundNote makes note-taking even easier for journalists equipped with an iPad. Unlike the iPad’s built in Notes app, SoundNote allows journalists to both record audio and type, or draw, on the same interface. Audio is instantly synced with these annotations so that journalists can revisit entire parts of an interview by simply clicking on an associated note.

Perhaps the best feature of SoundNote is that it frees journalists to actually focus on the interview. As all audio is easily accessible for review later, there is no fear of misquoting, being unable to reread your notes, or being unable to type fast enough on the iPad’s touch screen.

Furthermore,  SoundNote can also be utilised by journalists to get interviewees to visually describe a process or situation. Subjects can demonstrate what they’re talking about through drawings, whilst providing a simultaneous commentary so that meaning is not lost later. For instance, this feature could be used to explain how a device works to a technology reporter.

Mac users can also download SoundNote Reader, which allows for documents to be seamlessly transferred between an iPad and a computer. Audio files can also be shared via email and Dropbox for non-Mac users. Unfortunately, at the moment SoundNote is not available for tablet devices other than the iPad. It can be downloaded via the iTunes AppStore. To find out more information check out the video below or visit the SoundNote website.