Skyrecorder: Record Skype conversations

3 December 2013


Skype has become a staple tool for journalists, yet, without a built in taping feature, it can be difficult to fully utilise it for newsgathering. As there is no in-phone means to record, reporters are forced to conduct interviews on speaker and tape them with a dictaphone. Not only does this turn out low quality audio, but it also carries with it an array of privacy concerns, particularly if the interview is being conducted in a public place.

Skyrecorder provides a solution to this problem for journalists using Skype on iPhones. After installing the app, journalists can easily record voice and video conversations in three steps:

1. Select the ‘record’ button

2. Minimise the app

3. Conduct call

After a call has been recorded, journalists are able to export files through their iTunes library for editing or review later on. This is particularly useful for multimedia journalists who may want to include audio excerpts in their work.

Furthermore, Skyrecorder doesn’t just work for Skype, its also compatible with other major apps like Viber, although it doesn’t work for normal phone conversations.

Skyrecorder can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.