Leak Directory

9 December 2013


Over the past year, the whistleblowing environment has received a lot of attention. Leak Directory is a resource that journalists can use to understand the risks and protocols of engaging with leakers, as well as discover potential sources. In particular, there are three main areas of the Directory that could be useful for journalists.

Firstly, the Directory contains a list of whistleblower leaking sites. On these sites journalists can access leaks submitted and vetted by the respective entity. Leak Directory organises each site by country, security level, topic and reliability. Importantly, Leak Directory itself does not verify content published on external sites, so journalists must be wary when using these sites for newsgathering purposes.

Secondly, journalists can use the Directory to access information on how to best engage with whistleblowers or leakers. Lists of sites that outline editing, publishing and legal procedures are particularly useful for reporters who are inexperienced in the field. There are also links to security companies and other businesses that provide best practice consulting for individuals engaging with leakers.

Finally, Leak Directory outlines security and encryption mechanisms. Reporting on sensitive information or in oppressive countries means that journalists’ safety is constantly at risk. Therefore, it is important journalists doing so take measures to protect themselves. The security resources outlined in the Leak Directory can assist them in doing so.

The Leak Directory project is free and open to anyone. It can be accessed online here.