Guide to funding opportunities for cultural journalists in Europe

10 December 2013


For any cultural journalist, or arts media professional, attending international events is a vital part of the job. However, as a niche specialisation, it can be difficult to secure funding to attend these events. This Guide provides a comprehensive list of resources and funding opportunities to support journalists, as well as other professionals in the cultural sectors.

The Guide begins by outlining several simple guidelines for requesting grants. For journalists unfamiliar with this process, this is particularly useful to identify the best organisations to approach and how to approach them. Furthermore, as funding organisations often receive far more requests than they can grant, following these guidelines may also provide a competitive edge.

For the more seasoned grant requester, the Guide also provides a broad list of organisations, their areas of specialty and contact details. The lists are succinct, and it is easy to scroll through and identify relevant funding opportunities.

Although the Guide was written with European journalists in mind, it also contains a list of grant makers outside of the EU and, as such, is a fantastic resource for all journalists seeking funding.

The Guide is authored by On the Move, a cultural mobility information network, in consultation with Unpack the Arts, a program that provides residencies of journalists reporting on contemporary circus. Both organisations are funded by the European Commission.

It is available online in PDF format for free here.