Revolution: Share! The Role of Social Media in Pro-Democratic Movements

Revolution: Share!
The Role of Social Media in Pro-Democratic Movements

Recent political upheavals in the former Soviet States and the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa region have been celebrated as the triumph of new media over authoritarian and repressive regimes. Like the printing press and the telegraph before, social media are considered by many as a liberating technology, inherently democratic and democratising, and the key to positive political change.
Social media are credited with making the public sphere more inclusive; facilitating free speech where it is restricted by the State; favouring the formation and mobilisation of opposition forces; challenging state-controlled media; and pulling the veil off acts of oppression for the whole world to see. But when digital networkers dream of revolution, they might have to consider a more complex and nuanced reality.
Analysing specific cases of social media use in recent events, Revolution: Share explores social media’s potential in opposing repressive regimes, but also how this potential is limited or even nullified by some of the media’s own characteristics, its use by non-democratic actors, and the very nature of democratic processes.



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