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10 December 2013

Guide to funding opportunities for cultural journalists in Europe

For any cultural journalist, or arts media professional, attending international events is a vital part of the job. However, as a niche specialisation, it can be difficult to secure funding to attend these events. This Guide provides a comprehensive list of resources and funding opportunities to support journalists, as well as other professionals in the cultural sectors.

9 December 2013

Leak Directory

Over the past year, the whistleblowing environment has received at lot of attention. Leak Directory is a resource that journalists can use to understand the risks and protocols of engaging with leakers, as well as discover potential sources. In particular, there are three main areas of the Directory that could be useful for journalists.

3 December 2013

Skyrecorder: Record Skype conversations

Skype has become a staple tool for journalists, yet, without a built in taping feature, it can be difficult to fully utilise it for newsgathering. As there is no in-phone means to record, reporters are forced to conduct interviews on speaker and tape them with a dictaphone. Not only does this turn out low quality audio, but it also carries with it an array of privacy concerns, particularly if the interview is being conducted in a public place. Skyrecorder provides a solution to this problem for journalists using Skype on iPhones.


27 November 2013

TinEye: Reverse image search

TinEye is a reverse search engine for images. Users can upload an image from their hard drive, or search its URL, and TinEye will retrieve any image that matches its ‘digital fingerprint’. Unlike traditional search engines, TinEye does not search via image name or SEO keywords. Instead, like a fingerprint database search, it retrieves images that match the pixel display.

18 November 2013

SoundNote: Note-taking made easy

SoundNote makes note-taking even easier for journalists equipped with an iPad. Unlike the iPad’s built in Notes app, SoundNote allows journalists to both record audio and type, or draw, on the same interface. Audio is instantly synced with these annotations so that journalists can revisit entire parts of an interview by simply clicking on an associated note.

8 November 2013

Tabula: Extract data from PDFs

Copy and pasting data from PDFs can be painful. Users are forced to copy one row at a time, or spend hours reformatting large chunks of the file. The process is incredibly time consuming and also risks loosing data Tabula, which is especially useful for journalists working closely with data, is an exciting free tool that allows data to be extracted cleanly from PDFs. 


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