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14 October 2013

Investigating Epic Privacy Browser: We will not be controlled

For many journalists, especially those working with confidential information, privacy, both on and offline is of utmost importance. Today, online privacy is becoming difficult to achieve thanks to strategies for online advertising, which transform users into potential target audiences by mining their online activity data. So, how can journalists get around this? Hello Epic Privacy Browser.

23 September 2013

Dragon Dictation: Stop typing and dictate

Being able to transform your voice directly into text is a handy skill that can make the life and work of any journalist much easier. This skill can be granted with the Dragon Dictation application. To put it simply, Dragon Dictation recognises the users speech and automatically puts it into text.  This means that as a journalist, users no longer have to spend time writing out interview

16 September 2013

MindMeister: Mapping ideas wisely

MindMeister is a handy resource for journalists who are trying to gather all their ideas in one place while writing an article or preparing for an interview. The app is a useful brainstorming tool as it allows the user to put all their ideas into a mind map, which can be edited, shared, and updated later on.


22 July 2013

Prismatic: A proper news filter

Prismatic is a newsreader, which filters information from the Web and suggests the most suitable options based on your searches and activity online. Though there are many news filters out there, Prismatic is said to be “the smartest one”.

15 July 2013

Byword: Focus on your writing without any distractions

As in the past, when journalists used notepads to write down their thoughts for future articles, Byword makes the writing process on the computer or iPhone as simple as possible. This app allows you to focus on your writing without any distractions by offering different editing functions. In doing so, the only thing that comes into focus is your text. This concept is the same idea as writing on a sheet of paper.

8 July 2013

Spundge: A “workflow” tool to filter your content

Spundge is a useful tool that helps to gather and structure all the relevant online information you need, thus making the process of content searching much easier. The app was initially launched for journalists and was tested in several newsrooms. The Spundge team is dedicated to constantly working on the development of the product and aim to make it even more user friendly for journalists.


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