Past projects

Training for Independent Journalism in Belarus



The EJC's activity in Belarus had two main objectives: protect, strengthen, and support journalists and their work; and boost the quality of journalistic production in the country.

In order to achieve its first objective, set to counter the difficult working conditions journalists face in the country, the EJC determined to enhance the professional standing of journalists; identify appropriate structures for the creation of free and independent media; promote fair, accurate, and objective reporting as a working standard; promote a better understanding of the roles and tasks of the media among the Belarusian public; as well as strengthen and spread media-related ethics, such as freedom of information and freedom of expression.

To attain our second objective, we focused on capacity building measures, such as boosting professional training; creating professional networks, both inside Belarus and internationally; and increasing collaboration between local media professionals and media NGOs.

Translated into practical terms, our work in Belarus, which we carried out together with the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), consisted of providing practical trainings, which included news reporting, investigative reporting, and theoretical matters such ethics and professional standards. The EJC also developed a curriculum and a training seminar for local journalism schools and training centres.

Training for Independent Journalism in Belarus was part of the MATRA programme.