Past projects

Training and Capacity Building for Journalists in Ukraine



Ukrainian professional journalism of the early 2000s suffered from two major problems: a relative absence of professional training and low professional standards. These were made manifest by widespread corruption practices and lack of independent coverage. Similar problems were also affecting the work of public information officers. EJC’s training and capacity-building project aimed, therefore, to enhance the professional standing of journalists and public information officers; create a comprehensive system for further training; and establish a network of professional journalists and public information officers covering the entire country.

Together with our local partners, Journalists Initiative in Kharkiv (in eastern and southern Ukraine) and Law and Policy in Lviv (in western Ukraine), and with the support of Stroomlijn, our Dutch consultant for this project, we worked to enhance the professional skills of editors, journalists, journalism trainers, and public information officers, focusing primarily on improving public information standards and methods. We also provided specific training for investigative journalism, with a particular emphasis on developing Internet research skills. Our training seminars had the added value of bringing together journalists from different regions in the country, presenting participants with the unique opportunity to address collectively issues of common interests and concern. Finally, we offered media management training, of particular concern to local media directors and editors.

Throughout the process, the EJC and its partners also strove to create a sustainable framework for their operations in the Ukraine, defined from the onset as one of the project's cornerstones.

Training and Capacity Building for Journalists in Ukraine was part of the MATRA programme.