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ThinkBrigade | 2012-2013


ThinkBrigade was created in April 2012, initially as a journalistic, “swarm creativity” project. This independent, online magazine is published and managed collaboratively by an international team of reporters. Its aim - establish a journalistic hub of best practices dedicated to multimedia reporting, with a strong emphasis on the collaborative work process.

ThinkBrigade’s ambition is to bring to the front of the media stage journalistic stories of global importance, which are often relegated to the margins of news coverage. The topics covered by the magazine’s team include development, environment, politics, technology, as well as media and human rights.

Supported by the EJC, but with little intervention from the organisation, ThinkBrigade’s team, spread on all five continents, plans, develops, and publishes journalistic content as a self-organised, professional collective. The journalists, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and sector experts that make up this exceptional crew also operate as foreign correspondents in their respective country of residence and represent ThinkBrigade in international events. The diversity of professional backgrounds and cultures gives this journalistic enterprise a particularly rich outlook in its reflection on best practices in the news gathering and reporting process.

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