Past projects

Survey on the State of European Journalism and Media



What is the social and professional status of journalists across the European Union? Are reporters properly qualified to do their jobs and supported in their efforts? Is there a difference between newspaper, broadcast, and online journalists? Do they expect to have long-term career prospects in journalism? Which professional challenges do reporters face today? Is their situation worsening or improving?

In 2011, the EJC leveraged its extensive network of journalistic contacts in the entire EU and its reach within the journalistic community as a whole. Together with The Evaluation Partnership and Economisti Associati, the Centre performed a comparative survey of professional journalists, whether permanently employed or freelancers. A representative selection of respondents in 27 countries were asked about their perception of the state of the news industry in their respective countries of employment, and polled about their personal standing and aspirations in the business sector. Given the EJC's innately European perspective, survey participants were also asked to share insights on the popularity and relevance of EU-related coverage and the obstacles forestalling its wider adoption by the media.

The study was carried out under contract for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.