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New Approaches for New Journalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina



The EJC and Mediacentar Sarajevo (MCS) partnered for two years to upgrade and introduce new journalism curricula for working journalists and students in the country, as part of what has become since then a crucial component of media training services offered by MCS. The project placed special emphasis on investigative reporting and the publication of journalistic work. The overriding goal of the project was to utilise and strengthen local media’s oversight function through the production of professional and in-depth journalistic reports on the corruption practices still prevalent on many levels in Bosnian business and in government institutions.

The EJC and Thomson Reuters experts provided training for MCS’ teachers who became the organisation’s core group of local media instructors. Together with EJC and Thomson Reuters trainers, they taught an interactive, four-month training programme, attended by over 50 journalists and students. The courses included face-to-face sessions with individual mentoring, as well as weekly distance-learning modules, with an emphasis on practical training in news production. Participants addressed issues such as new media, media convergence, investigative journalism techniques, and media ethics.

The programme also consolidated the position of MCS’ website as a unique online educational resource for media professionals in the country and the Western Balkan region. The website regularly publishes analyses, articles, and training material surrounding journalism and investigative reporting issues. It continues to be an important reporting tool for journalists in the region.

New Approaches for New Journalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina was part of the MATRA programme.

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