Past projects

Improving Media Literacy Education in Macedonia



The EJC teamed up with longtime partner, the Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM), for a 30-month, media literacy programme destined for primary and secondary school students across the country. The programme sought to improve citizen understanding of media’s role and function in democratic societies. 

To this end, MiM and the EJC intensively lobbied officials at the Macedonian Ministry of Education for the inclusion of the programme and the creation of a pool of dedicated local media literacy trainers, coached by EJC experts and Nieuws in de Klas, a Dutch media literacy organisation.  

Over 1,000 teachers were trained, allowing the project’s goal to be reached, namely the inclusion of media literacy courses in Macedonian secondary school curriculum. The national language courses (Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, and Serbian) now include a six-week period dedicated specifically to media literacy. Elementary and secondary school teachers were equipped with project-developed media literacy kits - tools and resources that included a dedicated handbook for teachers (in four languages) and a website.

Since its founding in 2001, MiM is the leading continuing education institution for journalists in Macedonia. The EJC has been a member of MiM’s Board for the past six years.

Improving Media Literacy Education in Macedonia was part of the MATRA programme.

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