Past projects

European Neighbourhood Journalism Network | 2008-2011


The EU defined the European Neighbourhood as two geopolitical entities in its proximity - Eastern Europe and the Caucasus to the east, and the Levant and the Maghreb to the south. This definition was set to provide a frame of cooperation between the EU and its neighbours, established as the European Neighbourhood Policy.

Within this frame was established the European Neighbourhood Journalism Network (ENJN). Together with the Thomson Foundation and other partners, the EJC organised training and networking activities for journalists across these areas, bringing together participants from different regions, thus helping reporters recognise common issues, and fostering rapprochement between countries with precarious relationships. Our main responsibility was to manage the project’s website and to set up a dedicated online community that has attracted more than a 1,000 members and is still growing. The social network, launched before the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and similar social media services, was a visionary effort that proves successful to this day, allowing journalists to communicate informally and interact with their peers in other countries.

The EJC also organised ENJN’s closing conference titled “Media Futures: Policy, Politics, and Power”. Several hundred participants, including high-profile experts and political actors, gathered to discuss issues such as the challenges facing journalism in the digital age and the role of media in the fledgling democratic movements of the Arab uprisings.

The project was funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General EuropeAid as a support action for the European Neighbourhood Policy.

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