Past projects

Europe for Mediterranean Journalists | 2006-2008


The Mediterranean-European Development Agreement (MEDA), signed in 1995, created a cooperation framework between the EU and 10 of its neighbouring countries spread along the eastern and southern sea shores. The agreement focused mainly on financial and economic matters, but also dealt with issues such as the promotion of political stability and democracy, cultural diversity, and social development.

EJC’s Europe for Mediterranean Journalists programme aimed to raise the public visibility of MEDA, which could seem complex and remote to the average citizen. It accomplished this by highlighting certain innovative aspects of the cooperation agreement, and by creating a network of journalists and media corporations in the region. 

In practical terms, the 18-month long programme brought together media professionals from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey, and through conferences, workshops, and training session, offered them tools and background information necessary to cover and report on MEDA.

This programme was financed by the European Commission, and implemented together with the Thomson Foundation, the International Federation of Journalists, and BBJ Consult AG.

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