Past projects

EU for Journalists | 2003-2011


Understanding the European Union's inner workings is notoriously difficult for anybody, and journalists are no exception – in particular journalists who do not specialise in EU affairs, but happen across them in the course of covering their regular beat at home. The EJC appreciates this, and has therefore set up a one-stop-shop website that helped journalists learn rapidly the mechanics and fundamentals of the European Union, thus catering to the often hectic working conditions of news reporting.

The website featured a primer on EU basics, a handy database of contacts for reporters, and provided, in thematic dossiers, instructive and succinct background information on more than 30 EU policy areas. Each dossier explained the history, objectives, and recent achievements of the policy in question, outlined its legal foundations, and listed the relevant political players and spokespersons. In contrast to most official communication channels of European institutions, EU for Journalists took a transversal approach, providing a broad, cross-administrative overview of policy areas.

To guarantee fast and easy accessibility, the website was available in 22 official EU languages, as well as in Turkish.

EU for Journalists was funded by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Communication.

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