Past projects

Enhancing Journalistic Practices in Armenia



EJC’s first long-term project in the South Caucasus, implemented together with the Media and Law Institute (MLI) and the Armenian Freedom of Information Center, aimed to improve law studies and journalistic training by reforming the existing academic curricula. 

Training modules and resource material on investigative journalism, media law, and media ethics were developed during the two-year programme. Some of the world’s leading media education institutions, including the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and the Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands, contributed curricula and syllabi outlines to the Armenian initiative as part of a project-produced reader on academic models of best practices. Subsequently, journalism and law programmes at eight Armenian Universities changed, enhancing their practical, investigative, and ethics-based courses. 

The EJC and MLI also launched an investigative journalism competition that encouraged students to explore issues such as freedom of speech and freedom of information. The students gained journalistic skills through this experience, using the practical knowledge acquired throughout the project period.

The competition proved to be a positive learning experience, leading the EJC to reproduce it in other countries that strive to incorporate practical, journalistic skills building in their university curricula.

Enhancing Journalistic Practices in Armenia was part of the MATRA programme.

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