Past projects

Embedded Science Reporting with RELATE | 2009-2010


Science journalism often suffers from a disconnect between science and journalism. Many researchers feel that reporters don’t try hard enough to truly understand all aspects of the scientific process, whereas journalists, in turn, may be put off by what they often perceive as an ivory tower attitude displayed by researchers.

We sought to tackle this through RELATE, a project that invited young journalists to spend one week in a number of European research labs, where they could experience science at work and thoroughly familiarise themselves with the scientific staff and their practices. Researchers, In turn, could better understand the motivations and structural constraints of journalism, thus developing a more knowledgeable and trust-based relationship with the media.

The project was implemented in cooperation with Minverva Consulting & Communication and various research partners. Funding was provided by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research.

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