Past projects

Crossroads: The Maastricht-Based, English-Language Magazine | 2001-2011


The EJC launched Crossroads in December 2001, as an initiative of Raymonde Griswold,  director of the Centre, who recognised the need for an English-language magazine for the large, vibrant international community living in Maastricht.

With funding from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science and from the city of Maastricht, we created a quarterly newsletter that later became a web magazine, a transition that also helped transform Crossroads into a real exchange platform for both the locals and the temporary inhabitants of the town. With time, the magazine also attracted a growing number of loyal readers from the rest of the country and other parts of the world.

A small team within the EJC edited and produced content, but Crossroads’ main content contributors were the inhabitants of the town, Dutch or members of the Expat community and the student corps. They wrote about their personal experience in the small, southern province and shared advice, tips, and accounts of their lives. These authentic, first-hand contributions constituted Crossroads’ singularity and were one of the magazine’s most attracting features, functioning, in a part, as a sophisticated, expat forum, that provided the English-speaking community with the necessary tools to navigate safely and pleasantly through Maastricht, the Dutch workforce, the local customs, and the Limburgian society.

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