Past projects

Covering the Crisis | 2009


In November 2009, one year after the financial crush, the EJC decided to address the ongoing financial and economic crisis and the role the media did (not) play, by organising an international conference in Brussels for a group of stakeholders. The event brought together not only journalists, but also politicians, social scientists, financial regulators, bankers, and other experts from Europe and the U.S. Together, they looked for answers and tried to find out what lessons, if any, the financial crisis could offer for the future of journalism.

Many questions were raised about the intimate relationship that journalists and the financial sector entertain, such as:

  • What does it mean for the credibility of financial news?
  • What processes influence decisions made in the newsrooms?
  • Should financial journalists work to inform investors?
  • Or should business journalists act as watchdogs to alert readers and viewers to yet-another scandal on Wall street and in the City? 

The EJC recorded the proceedings of the conference in detail and published those, together with its work on the role of media in the financial crisis, in Covering the Crisis, a book that came out in November 2010. With transcripts of all speeches and key discussions, the book Covering the Crisis is a valuable record and a perennial reminder of the role and responsibilities of journalists. Wilfried Rutten, EJC Director said of the conference “The idea was to get everybody in one room, close the door and let them speak as freely as possible”.

The book is available for free and was made possible with the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

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