Ongoing projects

Senegal: Journalism Education Curriculum Development

since 2012


The EJC's work in Senegal focuses on support of E-jicom Graduate School of Journalism, Digital Media, and Communication, an independent Pan-African training centre specialising in the fields of journalism communication with a unique focus on new applications of the internet.  Through support to curriculum development on specific topics such as reporting on development issues and data journalism, E-jicom's cutting edge teaching methodologies and topics allow for regular south-south knowledge exchange with EJC's other partners across Africa. 

Located in the capital Dakar, the school has chosen the motto “Knowledge, Excellence, and Innovation” to emphasize these indispensable values in a constantly changing world.  The curriculum at E-jicom confronts the rapidly changing nature of business and media in the 21st Century. The school staff evaluate the upheavals caused by the development of the Internet and integrate them into our “digital media” classes. This program is the heart of the curriculum. Students benefit from a rigorous education provided by professors who are among the highest qualified in Senegal and in the sub-Saharan African region. High-quality coaching at E-jicom combines theoretical and practical instruction accompanied by personalized attention, ensuring that graduates will be competent, qualified, and rigorous employees ready to confront a highly competitive job market.

Studying at E-jicom, students are engaged through:

  • Theoretical knowledge taught in the classroom combined with hands-on, practical training
  • Real world business experience for all students beginning in the first year, guided by expert instructors at the top of their fields
  • Opportunities for all students to participate in innovative projects in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the second year
  • Limited number of students in each classroom to maximize personalized attention from instructors, as well as personalized student-tracking and progress