Ongoing projects

MFSII - Press Freedom 2.0

since 2011


Press Freedom 2.0 is a five-year, global media development initiative, designed to support press freedom activities as means of bolstering democratic development in 11 selected countries - Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Funded under the MFSII grant provision of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the programme is carried out in consortium by five Dutch organisations: Free Press Unlimited, Mensen met een Missie, the EJC, World Press Photo, and European Partnership for Democracy.

The consortium members, together with their local partners, carry out a range of advocacy, media literacy, journalistic trainings, e-learning, and capacity building activities, which are put into effect in the target countries.

We are directly involved in the implementation of these activities in six of the 11 selected countries, namely:

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