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Media Training for Food Scientists | since 2011


Interacting with the media can cause concern, or even apprehension, for many people, and scientists are no exception in this regard. Those talking to journalists often fear being misrepresented, or are dissatisfied with the accuracy of media coverage. We mustn’t, however, accept this distrust as a given. On the contrary, researchers can actively work with media representatives to achieve communication results that are equally valuable to researchers, journalists, and news audiences.

Amending relations with the media can by done by improving scientists’ understanding of journalistic working methods and conditions, and through communication practice sessions. It is with this in mind that we have set up the MAITRE training project. Our trainers visit food research organisations throughout Europe for two-day practical seminars and exercises, teaching scientists in a constructive and trust-based manner how to better cooperate with journalists and other various media representatives.

This project is implemented in cooperation with Minerva Consulting & Communication and various food research partners. Funding is provided by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research.

Maitre Opatija 2011

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