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Journalists @ Your Service | since 2001


Brussels is one of the world’s largest media centres, attracting hundreds of journalists from Europe and beyond. And yet, covering the European Union is no simple feat, requiring journalists to operate in a foreign country, reporting on a political system that is both exceptionally vast and unusually complex. Journalists @ Your Service (J@YS) constitutes a first step in addressing these difficulties.

An information hub and advice centre for journalists covering EU related issues in Brussels, J@YS is a joint initiative of the EJC and other local and European press associations, created alongside the International Press Centre at the Residence Palace during the 2001 Belgian EU Presidency.

J@YS aims to provide journalists stationed in Brussels with information on current EU affairs; updates on professional issues; points of contacts within national and international political institutions; access to journalistic networks; as well as advice on legal, financial, and union matters.

To this end, J@YS organises seminars and briefings that allow journalists to address matters of professional and private concern. J@YS also holds debates and publishes a yearly-updated booklet with useful information and contact lists, which can be freely downloaded from J@YS’ website. Its dedicated website also includes accreditation information and tips, a dictionary of European jargon and acronyms, a EU agenda, and a taxation explainer, to name but a few of its sections.  

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